Images I created for Black Rifle Coffee Company

I’m a fan of the Black Rifle Coffee Company. I enjoy their marketing and funny videos, recipes and how-to walkthroughs. And their coffee is damn good, even when taken black (as it should be).

I created these ads to stretch my creative muscles and have new stuff for my portfolio.


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Product Photos – Ensiferum’s latest album

Hello friends. I just wanted to share some photos I took for a music review I wrote on my personal site. You can read it here

These are of Ensiferum’s latest album One Man Army box set and vinyl.

Hooters Summer Ads

Everyone knows that Orange is the new Black.

Not just a show title on Netflix, but Hooters’ uniform of orange and black (sometimes orange and white, or white and camo, or black and referee stripes.. 😉 ) has become a brand that everyone (alright, probably just men) recognizes.

I was recently hired to photograph some advertising photos for Hooters in Niagara Falls, and after all the fun and excitement of the bikini contest they had me photo last month, I figured “why not?”

We photographed a number of pictures for different events such as the World Cup, football, and golf. Here’s a few quick samples of what we produced – including when sometimes your props dont fit your models’ head!

Make sure to visit Hooters on Ferry St in Niagara Falls to meet the awesome staff and enjoy the great food. 2 minutes from Clifton Hill.

Tell ’em Sam the photo man sent ya.


Four Points Sheraton – Coming attractions

Over the past few days I was hired by the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls to photograph their promotional material for their new summer attractions opening soon.

What a great time. I can’t say enough good things about the marketing and graphic design folks there. All very top notch people and very professional. I’d gladly work for them again if they needed me.

Currently in the final stages of preparation is a glow-in-the-dark minigolf, a haunted house, a mirror maze, and a laser tag arena (pew pew!).

My job was to photograph the wicked cool interiors as well as some wonderful models testing out the new areas. It was really interesting and a great learning experience to photograph under black light conditions and having almost zero visibility inside. I often had to light the scene with a flashlight in order for the camera to focus on what we were trying to shoot. Said flashlight also doubled as a pointer to often indicate “Hey you, move here.” Hahaha.

I’d like to thank my friend Stella Froese as she once again wore many hats and not only visualized the end graphic product but also directed our scenes and made them that much better.

Here’s a selection of the photos we captured. These images are a combination of ambient light and fill-flash (for you photographically inclined.)


Niagara Quartermaster shoot!

I spent most of yesterday down at the NQ Surplus shop shooting some photos for them for upcoming sales they are having, a pretty fun day all in all. The only downside was it was boiling in there as we had to shoot with the doors closed to control light, so we didnt get as much circulation as we’d like. Here’s a few of what I came up with.


as stated last night, HSGI reblogged my image. Awesome.

Shoot like a girl – redux

Some ads I created for school, altering the different manufacturer logos. My lovely friend thought she was modelling a tool belt, until I placed the pistol on her hip and she got quite peeved as she isnt a fan of guns….until the class said she looked like Lara Croft and she was quite pleased at that 🙂

She did quite well in the end.