_MG_0788_WI’m a studio photographer from the Niagara Region, where I specialize in commercial and product images. I also enjoy making photos during one-on-one portrait sessions, where you can sit down with someone and get to know their story. I was a newspaper journalist for a time and getting to know someone’s story opened up the world to me. I also record sports history through my camera, mainly in college basketball, volleyball, and professional wrestling. I am driven to be at the top of my field, to climb the ladder of excellence, to be the best. I align myself with positive and like-minded individuals that focus on “doing” instead of “saying” in order to bring the world a “better class of photographer”, rather than someone who just points-and-shoots. As with all my images, lighting is key. Anyone can take a picture in today’s age of instant gratification, but the application of light is what sets me apart from the pack and creates art. Light creates moods. Light strikes emotions. Light is everything.

I believe in having Distinguished Professionalism and Expertise in your field, as well as the phrase Sic Parvis Magna – Greatness from small beginnings

Some accomplishments of mine thus far are: Multiple newspaper printings in the Niagara region, Sports Photographer for Niagara College, and the Head Photographer for the Neo Wrestling Federation (NWF) in Niagara Falls. Some of my photos for NWF have also been published in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

I have also photographed Hulk Hogan, which was on display at Niagara College’s art show in 2012. In June of 2012, I also got to work alongside Canadian wrestling icon Bret “Hit Man” Hart when he appeared at the Niagara Falls Comic Con, and at NWF later that night.



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